The Fibernetics' team has decades of experience in FOG development and comprehensive in-house capabilities, including custom state-of-the-art coil winding.

Dr. Ralph Bergh, Founder and President

Ralph has been researching fiber-optic gyroscopes and fiber-optic components since 1978. He is the inventor or co-inventor of 25 patents on various aspects of the fiber-optic gyroscope and fiber-optic components, and has numerous publications in the field of fiber optics.

Ralph graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's in Physics and went on to receive his Master's and Doctorate in Applied Physics from Stanford University in 1979 and 1983, respectively. His doctorate research and thesis examined fiber-optic gyroscopes and optical Kerr effect compensation. Upon graduation, Ralph began Fibernetics in 1983, developing and producing directional couplers, polarization controllers, and custom systems. In 1991, he began work as a consultant for Honeywell's Technology Center, pioneering their development of fiber-optic gyroscopes. Since 2004, Ralph has continued his work at Fibernetics to develop cutting-edge fiber-optic components and FOG-based high-grade inertial navigation systems.

Mr. Craig Herdman, Senior Business Advisor & Program Manager

Since receiving his engineering degree Craig has been involved with the development of gyros for much of his career. During his early career at Sperry Corp. he was a gyro product engineer and participated in the development of several mechanical gyro’s, he later spent time working on Sperry’s Ring Laser Gyro development effort. In the early 1980’s he initiated FOG work at Sperry and began the development of a strong technology team. When Honeywell bought Sperry’s Aerospace Group in 1987 Mr. Herdman became a Research Manager in the Honeywell Technology Center and they consolidated all of their FOG research under his direction in AZ. He continued to manage the Honeywell FOG research team through the 1990’s building it into one of the worlds FOG technology leaders. Following a 33 year career in the aerospace business he left to help found NxtPhase a small startup company developing fiber optic sensors for high voltage electric power applications. He served as President and then Chief Technology Officer of NxtPhase until his retirement in 2004.